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Lazesoft Data Recovery 4

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Lazesoft Data Recovery recovers data useful and powerful Data Recovery offers home users and businesses a complete solution to recover deleted files or lost due to format the hard disk or damage, virus or Trojan infection, unexpected system shutdown or software failure.


With intuitive interface and the most advanced recovery software can use data recovery danychSilnikLazesoft to restore data, files previewmababawiThe search is being conducted.

Easy recovery in all cases of major data loss, including:

– accidentally deleted files emptied from the recycle bin or

– Formatted media drive, partition or dynamic volume

– In logical disk crash

– Data deleted using Shift + Del by

– The file is corrupted due to virus attacks

– software failure

– power failures

– partycjiplik flawed system

-the computer is started and can not get into Windows

Recover data easily under WindowsDesktop abandoned us:

– Windows Data Recovery Version Lazesoft

– Native support for Windows 64 bit

– Added support for Windows 8 (New!)

Data recovery when Windows does not begin Average

– After a few serious incidents or disk failure, you may not be able to start the computer, or start Windows. Data can LazesoftOdzyskiwanie burn data recovery bootableCD / USB and allows you to boot your computer and save the data.
Color Efex Pro 4

– A LazesoftData Recovery boot disk can be run with various brands of computers and laptops manufactured by Dell, ThinkPad, HP, Sony, Toshiba, Acer, Samsung, etc.

– With a bootable recovery disk option to develop Linux-based or based on WinPE, Lazesoft Data Recovery provides best compatibility sprzętowądostępny.

– Data Recovery can Lazesoft bootable CD or create a USB drive.

-There by Lazesoft Data Recovery boot disk builder friendly user interface.


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DirectX Redistributable June 2010 x86 x64 download PreActivated

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DirectX Redistributable June 2010

Microsoft DirectX redistributable allows Windows applications to display rich in multimedia elements such as full color graphics, video, 3D sound rich and run.

AspNetForum includes security and performance updates, along with several new features can be accessed by using a director APIs applications. XP users can not remain in a AspNetForum uninstalled, and to make it to restore the The key is that before installing.

Microsoft DirectusRedistributable provides multi-language versions directly to developersthey include their own products, including Chinese (simplified), Chinese (Traditional), Czech, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese (Brazil), Russian, Swedish and English. Star Wars Battlefront 2

Direct contact is known to be safer as far as the window to attract the virus newer version.

Microsoft importance for AspNetForum unaplicaciónDirectus the Windows applications that everything is running. http://www.ingirocongira.com/2017/05/17/minecraft-forge-11-download-free-activated/


By returning to the direct installation includes all current and former released DirectX runtime. these includeD3DX, XInput Direct contact components and managers.


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Microsoft Office 2013 FastDL download

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Microsoft Office 2013

Office 2013 Professional Plus for najbogatsza edycja najnowszego pakietu biurowego, zoster stworzony ktry Przez Microsoft.

W jej Skad wchodz takie Aplikacje Jak tekstu edytor Word, Excel kalkulacyjny arkusz, narzdzie make PowerPoint and OneNote przygotowywania Prezentacji multimedialnych Wirtualny in Outlook email klient take Poczty system obsugi relacyjnych Baz data available Access, Publisher DTP narzdzie oraz komunikator sink.

SYSTEMY operacyjne 2008/7/2008 Windows R2 / 8

W paczce dodalem Aktywator,Kluczmakoraz instrukcje aktywacji.

Z Seeduje predkoscia 100MB produce 100 pelnych poor.

Microsoft Office 13 version of 64-bit

Microsoft Office 2007 – Until key

launch information

– Language: English (en-US)

– Channel: Volume License

– Version:

– Architectures: x86 / x64

– the instrument of language: English, French, Spanish

– Updated June 14 last, in 2016

Critical updates: KB3115139, KB3114517, KB3114708, KB3114709, KB3115081, KB3115093, KB3115098, KB3115099, KB3115102, KB3115136,KB3115140, KB3115189, KB3115147, KB3115138, KB3115149, KB3115087, KB3115148

The security updates: KB3115144, KB3114862, KB3115041, KB3115182

configuration standard practice (using pinch October – Office Tool adapted)


– Shortcut – Office 2016 default was decided to give all the shortcuts in the Start menu without subdirectory spread across the menu.

The file includes all installation site customized shortcut for Office2016 in room subdirectoryMicrosoft Office 2016 andOffice equipment in a subdirectory Tools

Fitting all standard Options- programs and resources are set by default, except in Skype for Business * (Office ProPlus 2016) and Office Telemetry ** (2016 Office Suite / application) – can obviously change all configuration options you want

* Skype for Business (because you should not install, and not acceptable to impose as ‘opsiynoldiweddaru’ of the latest news MicrosoftI)

The thing is, the default location to install the Skype for Business, if your client computerSkype installed or not.

sedecide install Skype for business by installing Office, running through the wizard setup Skype, will ask you to start Skype when Windows starts, install Skype Click to Call, set Bing as its search engine and MSN as eichhafan, and then ask sign.

This is where the pagkalitonagsisimula. The important thing is to use it? If you choose the name Skype and use your existing (personal / household) to set up your computer to use two identities – Skype for your accountSkype for Business and personal to your account at work. If you choose to count Microsoft, will create a new Live ID with your email address and occupation – rhywbethmae’n probably will not want to do.

** Office Telemetry (for you do not want to share their data)

Document title telemetry filenameat panel displays the list most recently used each user, which may reveal personal or confidential information about the user or organization. The names of other supplements and solutionsused by the Office will also appear.

telemetríaaxente taking inventory, usage and other data of the application and bring it to a shared folder, where it is processed by a service called telemetry processor installed in a SQL database. The panel telemetrykumokonekta the database so that it can demonstrate the use of Office files, add-ins and solutions.

bonus folder

– KMSpico + 5 Beta Microsoft Toolkit (Activator)

– UBitMenu Customizer (add toolbars of Office 2003 to type and menusfor Office 2016) – free for private use

– anterioresdesinstaladores version (Office 2016, 2013, 365, 2003, 2007, 2010)

– Disable / Restore ‘Login’ with Office applications (reg file)

– Disable / Restore Office 2016 Telemetry (Reg)

source files

– x86:

– X64:

backward compatibility

Microsoft removes the possibility of parallel versions of Office 2016 release.

The installer search for and remove any previous version and does not caniatáurhedeg older parts.Older version of Outlook 2013/2010 with PublisherDe 2016.

In other words, do not mix versions of Office.

You can use Microsoft Fixit tool manually uninstall / deletion / deletion version of Office angnaunang (including the Bonus folder).

This should remove all traces of the Office system.

Updating Office Microsfot 2016 Edition Volume

Unlike edition Click2Run not mean it gynnigdiweddaru’r application volume through the account page (File – Count – Update).

For updatesthe versions of Office 2016 VL, you need to enable “Get actualizaciónspara other products from Microsoft Update” in Windows Update.


– 64-bit version runs only on 64-bit systems

– OS: Windows 10 Windows 10 SP1 + Server, Server 2012 R2 / 2012/2008 R2

– Net Version: .NET required. Some features may require or impose NETCLR


– Remove any previous version installed with the uninstaller provided (extra folder) and resume ifneed

– ISO / burning / extraction Monte

– Installation Parts Office

– use Active KMSpico / 5 Toolkit MicrosoftBETA finished installing all products

– Disable / Restore Office 2016 Telemetry – merge file reg ‘Disable / Restore Office 2016 Telemetry’ (effective after restarting the machine)

-Analluoga / Restore ‘Login’ with applications Office – merge file reg ‘Disable / Restore Log’ (effective after restarting the machine)

– Set UBitMenu Customizer (optional)

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Fernbus Simulator 2016 32bit Download Free

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Fernbus Simulator 2016

This is the first simulation bus between the German Autobahn are very popular. In cooperation with Flixbus free Fernbus trainer simulator designed the details of everyday life coach driver Autobahn / highway Germany, while driving to show in more than 40 cities. using Fernbussimulator, you can experience life as lived with a large and modern man Lions coach / bus drivers away.

hoehet works

For FlixBusJerman km road network and more than 40 German cities simulirani.Znachi this person is not too long, time simulator set by fixingthe ratio 1:10. You can navigate complex highway network for several bus stations are located in more than 40 cities while staying in constant communication with the headquarters of the bus / coach. Accidents, traffic jams and construction sites demanding role of the bus driver,if you want to keep the timetable.


MAN buses are equipped with all the features in the original cockpit with dvetenadvor and the sleeve is modeled down to the smallest details. Fernbus simulators offer a realistic atmosphere, with the publication of original and genuine travelers.bussende simulator has been tested and optimized by real driving instructor, and the bus driver.

Farming Simulator is a driving game based on tractors in the countryside. Hay to save halangankursus, this simulator brings you life in the slow lane.

This demo AgricultureSimulator allows you to experience two missions: the ravages of time and Bailing hay. The first is just a circle, the human race neighboring toe obstacle course, and in the second you need to pull the hay baler by reducing wheat straw too stupid. There are medals for fast times, butit is not too difficult to get gold.

Physics Farming Simulator feel pretty basic. Tidakbergerak tractor with smooth, and the model does not deal with the suspension, so they seem a little dated.
Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 The graphics are fully functional, but do not worry should zaOvoj world speeds. soundSimilarly, acceptable, but no more. Slow paced action is based on a sparsely populated and quiet island.

Farming Simulator is pretty basic in terms of what it offers. There is no attempt to create excitement agriculture, so if you do not enjoy tractor, farmingSimulator will berubahfikiran. For fans of the farm, it is a game that is very different, but the damage is so outdated. Five Nights at Freddys 4

Farming Simulator is just what it says it is, until you think agriculture is done in a tractor!


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Microsoft Fix It Center Beta 1 Download Incl.Key

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Microsoft Fix It Center Beta 1

Microsoft Fix Center is an application that scans your Windows PC problem, and solve it can. It will download the latest solutions from Microsoft, and covers all aspects of your system from accidental actions, Audio equipment and accessories.

Please note: This case was reduced to 7 for Windows.

After the installation is quick and easy, Microsoft Fix It Center has a simple interface and a list of the types of problems that can be devoted scrolled. knopkyknopka click Run to start scanning for this problem, thenMicrosoft Fix Center will provide solutions. You can choose to install these components directly or choose your own.

You can log in to the account kuishiMadirisha, which allows you to edit online, and even remotely control the computer. As well as solving the problem, Microsoft Fix It Center tries to prevent the problem before they get too bad.

avtomatyzovanyySystemaCare is really great for people who are not technical, it is easy to use and reliable. The problem with Microsoft Fix It Center can notsolve, but the application is attending various problems yaajabu. As Microsoft continues to support as part of life, it should not be necessary.

Microsoft Fix Center is the ideal tool for troubleshooting and resolution to improve your computer’s performance yakoWindows

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