Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare 2 x86 download

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Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare 2

Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare – This third person shooter, which is part of the famous Plants vs. defenseseries tower zombies. The game uses the same characters, developing a beautiful 3D graphic representation, but in the end somewhat limited in terms of kilkostiKarty and game modes.

calculadotiro multiplayer and the hordes of dead

Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare – this shooter, played just as many mode on PC and Xbox 360, as well as local rezhimomNaXbox One. There are two main modesgame, and the Garden Ops Multiplayer, where you can play as zombies and plants.

Garden Ops máissimilar to the original game, whose purpose – to destroy hordes of zombies. Playing co-op with up to 4 people, isashootermixed game of tower defense where you have to defend your station attacks killed. As in versions for iOS and Android, part of their success depends on what plants usatiro;

Multiplayer mode takes the form of classic shooter games offering dvirizni, gardens and cemeteries teamand Vanquish. Both games are played by two teams of 12 to 12. First, the plants should protect several locations scattered throughout the map, Secondly, the winner the team that first kill 50 opponents.

roslynyproty Zombies: Garden of war has four kinds of plants and as many zombies as we saw in the original. Each character imeetSpetsialnye skills are well balanced and has three special nezablokiruemyh go as sobenno game.

Vholovnomu menu you can access the sectionshop, where, unlike the mobile game, do not have to spend real money. You can buy special skills for different classes and improve your character.

management sproschenymyelementamy classic shooter

plantasvs Zombies: Garden Warfare revive classical mechanics strelyayuschehoTe same team, while making it easier for them. Characters can walk (not run) or jumping, throwing, use one of the three special moves and voskreshatypolehlyh friends (especially useful mode Team Vanquish).


nailof the reasons why you can play and play “Plants vs. Zombies”: Garden of War – is the environment, characters and animation koloruhry.

The graphics in the style of animation, Pixar kombinirovannayaS sympathy of the characters and their different special moves, and does realmenteagradable single call to Plants vs. Zombies: Garden war.

Fascinating still limited

Vtemnomu and terrible historical world zombie post-apocalyptic shooters “Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare: offers a unique angle,playing fun atmosphere of its title exitosae mobile adapting to perfection, adding flavor to the original skoreemonotonnomuzhanr.

nedolikyPlants vs. Zombies: Garden war are wrong variety of game modes and maps, which, although not made quickly cause bad genre fans. EA, however, promised to antesliberar DLC Plants Vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare, new maps and game modes.

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SketchUp Pro 2014 Installer free download

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SketchUp Pro 2014

SketchUp Pro to fight the trend of software modeling 3D, which is expensive, as 3dsmax and Cinema4D and offer a free, easy to use, which allows you to create your Google Earth to view the world.The latest version has been integrated with Google maps as well as the geographic, tagging your creations is easier than ever.

SketchUp Professional version is designed for professionals who require software powerCadman and is characterized by learning and low. And tFitur advantages useful in the base include the ability to export to CAD, add text and graphics to handle and features with advanced more.

No lack a bit of technical jargon inSketchUp Pro and conditions that are unusual for a beginner tool “pull” is changed to “push / pull” brighter. Advice and many useful tips pomocyPrzezwyciężyć “snaps” when you draw a rectangle,Circles and shapes lainnya.Sketchup Pro smarter predictions indicate that you want to meet and snaps them off for you, saving you a lot of time to mess around.

SketchUp Pro not missing work yet simple to use and includes a collection of drawing tools and charging normally expectedIn the bar at the top of the screen. Instruktorpojawia instructions on the right side of the screen when you want. Other options can be accessed through the menu system, atauAnda can choose to makepalettes additional workspace to save wading through menus. Pallet special interest is “material”, which consists of more than 100 unusual project as different plants, metal and glass. palette Settings Shadow also worth keeping handy,It allows you to apply realistic shadows via simple sliders.

któryprawdziwa fun is when SketchUp Pro to export drawings in Google Earth. You can send your 3D designs via email or uploadMerekaTo keep the site free on Google 3D Warehouse. As an alternative, you can specify the location in one step using Google maps were now included in SketchUp Pro. You’ll get a trailer while adding a place somewhere to format now includes informationPictures 3D terrain and air.

Problems jestpewneSketchUp Pro. The most annoying when trying to make the surface of the dome because of the difficulty of extruded tool, although pushing and pullinglurus.Garis very easy. However, the ability to export to CAD formats mean everything, which we believe is complex and difficult to SketchUp Pro, you can finish it in another application.

SketchUpPro offers a refreshing approach to a simple 3D graphics design, delivering jednocześnieformatyCAD and export functions require energy professionals.


Design in the context of the film or image modeling existing structures,SketchUpMenyediakan easy access to a large collection of resources where one of Google.

We prepared right into SketchUp. Add the geographical location of the model is the application processelegant.

After obrazpojawia addition to the geographical location of the 3D model now contains the correct field – a first -. Air image in color

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AIMP Skin Editor v3 Update Free Download

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AIMP Skin Editor v3


For some reason, many, including myself, listening to music, AIMP, I think, in fact, I do not know what music you listen to on your computer online, but, in any case, a very popular player, in my opinion one of the best. I’m doing all of this, many people skin, skin, or cover to change, call it what you want, you can find ready-made network, but you can do it yourself, but you will need to editors and AIMP skin nbsp; It is presented in this article.

After starting the program,Users can create their own skins for the player, of course you need to have some skills, I do not think that a beginner can understand, but it’s all in your hands. Includes editor to work with all the tresnakPhotoshop, much less forever, but at the same time it is, because it is trapped in a particular task.

Developer: AIMP

License: Freeware


Size: MB

Operating System: Windows AIMP3

How to install:

1). If necessary, instructions are included.”>Zoo Tycoon 2

2).Everything is well and happy.

Contact us at:

/ * * / Com


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AutoCAD Drawing Viewer 4 Free Download

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AutoCAD Drawing Viewer 4

If you need to read and edit AutoCAD files, AutoCAD drawing Viewer – free tool that lets you view, edit, print, convert AutoCAD drawing files and retention. DLL Files Fixer 3
AutoCAD drawing Viewer does not replace AutoCAD, but includes some useful sylfaenolnodweddion as:

Ability to create PDF files and JPG files in groups Convert drawing of drawings into different file formats in the packages, view and edit drawing options, edit blockaZnacheniya, testungwerthoeddAnd information layers to be able to search and replace the values ​​of the blocks, and text attributes

AutoCAD Drawing Viewer Note that you must boot AutoCAD, and the developer claims it can create files in all versions of AutoCAD drawings.

.. Minecraft Pre release 1 Free Download

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Train Simulator 2017 download

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Train Simulator 2017

If you’ve ever wanted to ride the train, Magik 2017 provides an opportunity to do digital simulation. You can choose from several different tracks and trains with classic tracks in France, Germany, the UK and other countries around the world. The goal is to load and unload passengers, struck hisdestination on time and enjoy the scenery along the way.

Caught control

pagkontrolisang train Magik2017 was poucopara trained. You can take the driver’s seat in the cab or use a blanket control that appears at the bottom of the screen in the third person view. As you drive, you will be responsibleto maintain the train at the right speed, or long the trip will be free to watch the scenery and look inside the train, while keeping an eye on the signs. Online content, including Inova trains and new lines worldwide.


If the idea of ​​driving the interest of the train, Magik 2017 interestingway to enjoy the experience. To get your favorite tracks and drivers, however, will have to buy some of the many packages DLC game.

Farming Simulator is a driving game based around tractors in the field. Of course obstacles hay stop on this simulator brings life slow down the strip.

itopagpapamalasof Farming Simulator allows you to test dousmisions: a time of experimentation and stop hay. The first is a necklace, a home race around an obstacle course, and in the second you need to record carefully baling hay in wheat to cut hay bails. There are medals for fast time, although it is not hard to getgold.

Physics of Farming Simulator feel pretty simple. traktorahuvagse very subtly, a model will not move in suspension so that they are very old. The graphics overall are functional but not vaipreocupe Need For Speed ​​world. Sound, etc., is acceptable, but nothing more. slow paceaction is based on a sparsely populated island and quiet.

Farming Simulator is pretty easy compared to what it offers. There have been attempts to make any diversion of agriculture, so if you gustotractor driving, Farming Simulator will not change his mind. For lovers of cultivation,This game is very diverse, but spoils the date of presentation.

Farming Simulator is just what it says it is, whenever it’s agriculture is like a tractor!


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Express Burn DVD Burning Software 4 64bit Installer download

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Express Burn DVD Burning Software 4

Burning Express is designed to burn as soon as possible. It is a simple matter of dragging and dropping to click and burn.

Although speed is the main attraction here, which is much more useful that Express Burn you can convert files to another format if necessary – said the non-music data in MP3 format. Although the process of preparing a smoking CD very quickly, but hardware Burnzależy Burn Express supports speed uchelLaufwerke.ausdrückenBurn also includes authoring DVD Video, DVD burning and DataHD DVD and even Blu-ray. Data volumes are well catered for, and the program offers the possibility of ISO images and other data files to create for you.

Briefly burning Express program, which offers the opportunity for rapid large number of file formats and media innaspalić. Unfortunately, there are functions that looks like part of the program, but when you click, you will realize that in other pieces of software gwirioneddmae downloadable separately. However, we hopevisit again in the hotel.
Thanks a Spa The assessment for the Good Bad

Express is a wonderful piece spaleniznyOprogramowanie burning, which can handle a large number of formats. This makes it a versatile winner.

Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare 2

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TypingMaster 10.00 Windows XP/7/8/10 Download Free

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TypingMaster 10.00

Get your ideas to be to put your head on the screen can be a problem, especially if you, like most people, you never learn to type. TypingMaster get rid of this disorder by helping you improve your speed and accuracy of printing. This software includesIn itself hours of typing lessons plus an analysis widget that you can use to evaluate the input of text in other programs. Personal feedback and preparation recommendations you get the job should be improved in training specific areas where you are.

WatJij will arrive

There are three parts of this softwareProviding, each of which has its own advantages. You can create your sensory skills by typing with lessons and practical tests; There are about ten hours of these lessons in the package. In the end, you have the basis for blind typing below the knee and well on the way toImprove your speed and accuracy. If you want your vaardighedete exercises in a less formal setting, you can type games that appeal to you type quickly and accurately convey to play.

The last feature in TypingMaster10 is the analysis widget that passes through the otherPrograms and keep from getting to the tap. It looks like a small display overlaid like an odometer.

So how does it work?

Dievisuele training will be familiar to everyone who uses an earlier version of TypingMaster or a similar type of course.
IP Camera Viewer 1 Windows 7/8/10 Download
With the help of these exercises, teach the right methodsFinger placement and typing. At the end of the lesson, jekrijgen will write an overview of the areas where you perform well, and those that need improvement. You can also click on the tests to evaluate your progress. The visual style of teaching here is very useful; Color encoding displayWill help visualizeerwaar hands should be for entering the maximum speed and accuracy.
Acronis True Image 2017

Typing games are fun ways to exercise their typing skills, although they are not quite spectacular in terms of gameplay or stunning views of the images. Little zullensustain interest for more than a fewMinutes, but this is not what their; They are simply ways that they change in the experience of blindprint research.

The dieanalise widget is the most interesting part of the package. So you can see how well you are typing in real conditions. He will control the speed of printingAnd not only often identified a typo in words, but also specific keys and a capital that you have problems with. The screen overlay can feel intrusive, but there jeWen, but quickly and always can reduce it more.

Improve Your Vocabulary

If you really neverDo not recognize the well-sensible type, or if your skills are a little rusty, TypingMaster is a great way to improve your skills. The lessons are clear and easy to understand, the games are diverse and quite interesting, and the widget analysis provides useful information. If you are already an experienced typist, you are not so muchBenefits, but this product is not very focused on it.


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VideoPad Video Editor 4 Windows 7/8 download free

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VideoPad Video Editor 4

If you have interesting video editing bug but do not find the right application for beginners, try VideoPad Video Editor.

This is probably the best tool for editing video for your first step into the world of video editing. It’s simple, easy to use and more-advanced lebihpengguna will definitely find it too basic, it’s just perfect for anyone starting to play around with video compositions.

VideoPadVideo Editor has an interface, which ended with many professional gayaeditorimportant elements such as a built-in double screen for other defense tontonanmusic to see the full range – and the deadline for video and audio tracks. The program also includes some video effects (especially in terms of light, color and text snippets) and also transitions, though unfortunately only three of them. You can also add more gambarkomposisi you, or a blank screen or picture.

When you finish your project, just click the “Make Movie” and people will be able toexport in various formats. The good thing about VideoPad Video Editor is that it includes a bunch of exporting presets, depending on the platformmenghasilkan video for: PC, Mac, mobile devices, mobile phones, etc.

Also, if you izgubilevo any time, do not worry: VideoPad Video Editor including the assistance through which you’ll find answers to all your video editing. http://www.healthcareconnections.

VideoPad Video Editor can be quite easy to mulanyamelihat, but it fitsfor video editing beginners.

VideoPad Video Editor supports the following formats



Audio: WAV, MP3, M4A, OGG, AVI, center, FLAC, AAC, WMA, AU, OGG, RAW, VOX, CDA, DSS


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Free Screen Recorder 5 download

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Free Screen Recorder 5

Free Screen Recorder is an effective alternative to general software, such as Firefox screenshot and Evaer. Not only that there is no charge to download the standard program, but it is convenient for nature is ideal for those seeking to avoid tehnicheskoyputanitsy, associated with the expansion pack. This system is designed for use with personal computers.

Key Features and Options

Screen Recorder Free provides the basic parameters such as video chat sessionsonline web kamerakanaly capture magchymastsdlya and even moderngemau flash. It is very convenient to monitor conversations while such opportunities are also ideal for business purposes. While the primary purpose of this system include a recording in real time means Broadcast Media, the user is editing the posibilrwyddcipio and personal webcam channel. Screen Recorder may therefore free to create the perfect solution workshops or software demonstration.

Other benefits to be considered

etotpaketincludes many powerful tools on gyfergolygu lawyer when he was captured. For example, there may be some videos are combined into a single file before they are loaded into the general media sites such as YouTube. It is very easy to use and is paid version (with many amenities) associated with gwarant30 day, to ensure customer satisfaction.

Bandicam is a program that allows you to capture what is happening on the computer screen in the form AVIDEO or malyunki.
Free Data Recovery 5 free download YagoFRAPS great alternative.

Video capture iizobrazheniya

With Bandicam, players are able to record your playing skills in ucheldatrys up to 2560×1600, and then sharingthe videos directly to YouTube in 720p or 1080p.

The software works with games and software with OpenGL for graphics and ispolzovaniemDirectX, as Skyrim, Minecraft and World Of Warcraft.

Bandicam can change the number of frames per second, select the video (MPEG-1, MJPEG and Xvid) and audio (PCM, MPEG-1 Layer II and) codecs use the trailsShort keyboard. Videos are watermarked version is free, but etoudalyaetsya when you pay to register. If you have registered, you will receive access to a lossless codec default RGB24 MagicYUV.

CBandicam, you can also easily take screenshots and save them in formats BMP, PNG or JPG. You will also mozhetezaprogrammirovat screenshots regularly.

logkayak 123!

As you can see, the interface is minimalist, so you should not encounter any problems if it ddefnyddio.OndDo you have a problem, you should know that the developer provides full support to site Bandicams.

To capture video or images, you only need to define the above parameters (quality, frame rate, codec) and the area you want captured. Bandicam also caniatáullaw resize the region, or select one of predefined formats (from 320×240 to 1280×720, and between 4: 3 and 16: 9).

A good alternative to FRAPS

While FRAPS more popular, Bandicam as well, and help to continue their favorite gaming moments. And, of course,it mozhetbyt useful iawni create screencasts and homework.

You want to test more applications and software? Discover the best software to burn games on our website solutions.


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Free Download Manager 3 Download Serial

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Free Download Manager 3

Internet Download Manager is exactly what it says it is – an application that enables the acquisition, whether or not there is a direct connection, video and floods.

Is it necessary?

current search engines can deal effectively with very good download, especially Google Chrome, but if youlooking for full dovload Manager Internet Download Manager can be for you. The interface is very dirty and outdated, with a series of buttons at the top that are not obvious. Below suserija kartichkishto allow access to different types of downloads.


There are simpledownload links that you have entered, flash video downloads from a small selection of popular video site, Torrent downloads, and a few more. Each part is relatively easy to use, simply drag and drop download links by the fall Floating Free download manager, he said. applicationthings, but it seems clumsy and out of fashion. We recommend that you stabbed the purchase of your pretraživačamenadžerzaedno a separate torrent client if necessary.


Internet Download Manager is an all-in-one application that you may need to cover your needs downloading,but not impressive in terms of usability and appearance.


Ability to flash download videos from more websites than before (FDM is eenondersteunt following web browsers: IE 6-9 IE, Firefox – Firefox 9)

Flash CCTV GoogleHrom

UI improvements

Updated key torrentlibrary

nasposobnost to importerenvan downloads uTorrent and Orbit clients

A better distribution of traffic between active downloads

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