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The Banner Saga 2

Name: Banner Saga 2

Indie, role, strategy

Developer: Stoic

Publisher: Versus Evil

Release Date: 19 April 2016

Metakord: 84

About the game:

Award and BAFTA nominations for Safa continues in advertisingSaga 2 Continue your trip shortly after the climactic of banners Saga.Vybir you in the first game, affect who lives and who died in the sequel to this exciting. in/dragon-ball-xenoverse-2-fastdl-download/”>Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2
As the world continues tocrumble around you, there is only one bastion of hope, but be budetTrebuyut strong leader, casualties heavy, impact heroyivi new normal, rational strategy in battle.

Key features online

theEpic Saga of the most beautiful sequence Vikings fight melee and 2D animation accompanied by further special effects, accompanied again by flahovskim nominee account on premiyuHremmi Austin Vintor

Choose a player who continues to make your story,Your story continues to choose the first option is difficult, you should sdelatV this.

New characters and new races to continue their epic journey vzayemodiyuchyz new characters and new races,Horses.

Improved strategies to fight the effects of improvements and strategies further hostilities committee fighting increased and permanent loss of the letters will remain difficult to affect your mind long afterzakinchennyabytvy.

Travel is a major battle role of building and managing a parade of you, because you are traveling in large is important not only for the survival of your own,But for citizens vyzhivaniyaVsey


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